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Uyghur Restaurant

Authentic Uyghur Cuisine

Uyghur food culture has a long history. It is rich in resources, with the strong characteristics of being "green" and healthy, and having high nutritional value. We analyze the development and current status of Uyghur food culture, and explore the value of developing this food culture's resources. Traditional Uyghur food culture formed with influences from many ethnic groups, and has evolved into an intangible element of cultural heritage. It has several components with different healthy and therapeutic functions and is widely utilized in local communities.

Uyghur Restaurant Features


Uyghur food is rich in nutrients and beneficial for health..


The Uyghur food tradition is multicultural, diverse, and nutritious; its components have many advantages.

Health Benefits

Health benefits of the Uyghur diet from the perspective of food therapy.


Uyghur food is highly nutritious and well balanced .



Our Chef:

Meat is a very important ingredient in Uyghur food. It is often cooked with vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery, and other green vegetables. People who consume the Uyghur diet have been shown to have less hyperlipidemia and hypertension than Han Chinese people.





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" Comning Soon . "